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Meet our Pets

The Guinea Pigs

The Guinea Pigs   1

Gizmo and Barney


The guinea pigs are our newest arrivals!  They are currently very shy and are getting used to their new home in the guinea pig room, but they are being EXTREMELY well looked after by our fabulous Guinea Pig Monitors!


Well done for making Gizmo and Barney feel so at home!

The Office Fish

The Office Fish 1

Dorothy and Ethel


Dorothy (black and speckly) and Ethel (gold) have moved into the office with Mr White and Miss Flint!  We already have lots of volunteers to look after them and we know everybody will make them feel at home!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Mrs Gardner's Class Snails

Mrs Gardner's Class Snails 1

Gary and Norman


Our two Giant African Land Snails live in Mrs Gardner's class.  We take care of them and make sure they have lots of food - cucumber is their favourite!

Coming Soon...


We will shortly be welcoming more new arrivals!


Mr Hill will be having a class pet to be looked after by Year 5 and 6.


More pictures and introductions will follow soon!