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School Clubs


At Blackwell, we offer a range of clubs for our students to widen their horizons and give them the chance to do fun and educational activities outside of class.


The details of our current (and upcoming) clubs are below.  We are always looking for suggestions as to how to widen our provision - please let us know if there is anything you would like to see!


Code Club

We run a lunchtime Code Club for our Key Stage 2 pupils.  At the club, pupils learn to make their own code using three different coding languages - Scratch, HTML/CSS and Python.  
Pupils get to make all 
kinds of cool and interesting things - their own computer games, posters, modern art, maps and so much more!  Coding will be such an important skill in the future, so it's great to be able to offer our pupils a head start! For more details please see Mrs Knight.


Drumming Club

A club for our Key Stage 2 pupils, at Drumming Club we learn the skills to make our own music using drums, both as individuals and as a group!  You can usually hear us before you see us, but if you'd like to join in, please see Mr Ley!


Craft Club  

We offer a Craft Club for some of students, each week at lunchtime with Mrs Simmonds.  At Craft Club we use all different kinds of materials to create our very own works of art!  Mrs Simmonds will contact you if you are selected for the Craft Club.


Music Tuition - ACEG  

Our students have the opportunity to take part in music tuition run by an external provider, ACEG. Options available are guitar and piano tuition - a number of students are already taking part and enjoying learning to play music - we are hoping they will perform an assembly for us when they are confident enough!  If you would like to join this club please ask at the office for a registration form.


Girls Football Club

A lunchtime club for Key Stage 2 girls, the Football Club is run by a specially trained and FA qualified coach, Bobby Green.  We learn the skills required to play football, handy hints and tips, and play lots of friendly and competitive games!  Please see Mr Hill or ask at the office if you would like to join.


Singing Club

Mrs Gardner runs a lunchtime singing club, for Key Stage 2 pupils, once a week.  We will be learning to sing a range of songs and hopefully will have the chance to share our musical talent with the local community!  Please ask at the office for a permission slip if you'd like to join.


Gardening Club  

Mrs Gardner is in charge of our new and already highly popular gardening club!  We have extensive space outside in the school grounds - we will be planting our own plants, learning how they grow and having a lot of fun - as this is an after-school activity you need advance permission to take part, please ask for a letter.


Cricket Club  
Mr Hill and Mr Ward are running a cricket club after school each week.  If you would like to join you require advance permission, please ask Mr Hill for a letter.


Let's Get Cooking

Our very popular Let's Get Cooking club is back!  Each half term a group of pupils will learn how to cook certain dishes and recipes from fresh ingredients - it's messy, but it's fantastic fun and you get to take home whatever tasty snack you've made!  There is a waiting list for the Let's Get Cooking club, please ask at the office for a permission slip to be added to the list.


Ballet & Tap 

Mrs Boswell will be running a brand new club for our Key Stage 1 pupils this term, learning all about tap and ballet!  This will run after school from 3:30 to 4:30 every Thursday.  If you have your dancing shoes ready please ask for a letter to join!


Mad Science Club (starting September 2017)  

Do you dare be a Mad Scientist?  For more details on the Mad Science Club please see the "Parent Portal - Letters to Parents" page!


School Newspaper (coming soon)  

Blackwell Primary School is shortly going to have its very own school newspaper!  Our journalists will learn the skills needed to make their very own newspaper and we will be publishing this for all of our parents, carers and the school community!  More details will follow soon how to join.


Dinosaur Detectives (next date to be confirmed)  

A club for our Key Stage 1 pupils, at Dinosaur Detectives we will be learning all about the Dinosaurs, through a range of fun and exciting activities!  Dinosaur detectives has now finished for the year.  Thank you to all who participated!


Film Club (next date to be confirmed) 

Mr Hill runs a weekly Film Club after school on a Friday.  This term the Film Club is NOT running - we will update you next time it is available.  We will be watching lots of funny and exciting films that we know you will love!  As this is an after-school activity you must have advance permission and be picked up by a responsible adult at the end.